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Passionate about public sector procurement and driven by the Customer Service Experience, our founder spent the last two decades helping Industry and the Federal Government buy and sell professional services.

 The Procurement Alliance of Canada was created as a subscription-based online collaborative platform.  PAC helps reduce procurement friction by providing practical resources, webinars, and self-directed learning material to public sector procurement professionals, their clients, and suppliers. 

Who are the members: The Alliance members consist of all 3 key stakeholders of the public procurement process

"Our 3Key approach to reducing procurement friction consists of offering resources and insights which capture the perspectives of all 3 key stakeholders … suppliers, clients, and procurement folks. Our members say they like it 😉"

Who we help

If you’re buying… or selling…. professional services in a public sector setting, chances are we can help optimize your experience!  Our members include Supplier… Clients… and Procurement folks.

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Webinar Recordings

Access some of our growing library of impactful video content.  

More than 20 additional live sessions scheduled for 2024!

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

PAC delivers its live webinars using different themes. These include…

  • Insights on Evaluation Criteria;
  • Deep Dive sessions (various topics);
  • Procurement-related policy updates;
  • Best Practices from fellow members;
  • "Ask the PAC" questions from our members
  • Tools and Tips

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Select amongst our growing lists of e-learning modules or attend one of our in-person workshops on a variety of topics.


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